Youth Ministry

St. Joseph the Worker Parish has a vibrant and active youth community where our young parishioners can come together in friendship and fun, getting to know one another and getting to know Jesus Christ.

Jesus Youth Victoria

Jesus Youth

Jesus Youth is an international Catholic youth movement with a Charismatic spirituality.  Jesus Youth is an initiative of young people themselves, who, filled with the Holy Spirit try to reach out to other young people. The strength of the movement is its special focus on a life centred on Lord Jesus Christ; beginning with an experience of God, nourished by prayer, the Word of God, the sacraments and fellowship, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. Though not an actual community, Jesus Youth is a network of small but vibrant groups of young people. In their own life situations, they strive to give time to the Lord, responding to the challenges of today's world in the power of the Holy Spirit.

For more information call George Philip, 250-208-7974.


If you have already graduated and are looking for a way to serve, Jesus Youth Ministry is always looking for dedicated young Catholics to join its leadership core team. Get involved today!