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Hello Families!!

We have details!!

The St Joseph's Children's Mass is at 7pm on Dec 24th.

We will be having a very simple pageant open for all parish families with kids 3 yrs old and up. We will have groups of Angels, Shepherds, farm Animals, 3 wise men and Mary and Joseph. No live Jesus this year but we have a suitable fill in.....

The Children will process in to their song ( only the chorus or as long as they need to file in really) ,,,, Three wise men -- WE three kings Farm animals -- Away in the manager etc. We will stand as group in the front and sing one song together. The Children will have reserved seating at the front close to the choir. Teachers will be seated with them.

Dec 22 at 9:45 am we will have a dress rehearsal starting in the church hall and then we will process up and practice walking in to the church and setting up where we will stand. We will also figure out how many pews we will need so if you could have an idea of where your child (ren) would like to sit that would be great. 

Dec 24 

Our Catechism team will arrive at the church hall by 5:45pm,  we will assemble the children and 

get them all dressed in their costumes, we will have some colouring sheets available to keep them occupied.  At 6:45pm we will move upstairs and assemble in the community room and have them ready to go for Mass.

Click here for sign up   Feel free to pass this information onto a St Joseph family that would like to participate but are not in the Catechism program.

Our Catechism Journey

Catechism Program Schedule and Key Dates 2019 - 2020

The registration form is available at the church or you can click on link below for a paper copy of registration form that you can print off, complete and bring to church on Sunday or to the office.

Catechism Registration Form 2019 - 2020

Please complete the form and drop it off at the church office with a $25 registration fee per child.

We would like to introduce you to our team.

Catechism Team:

·      Program Coordinator - Angela Grohovac

·      Communications/Admin Coordinator – Anna Junge

·      Events Coordinators – Lily Blair, Erika Dalla Torre


·      Grade 1 – Miriam Podmoroff

·      Grade 2 – Carmen Barragan - THIS CLASS IS FULL - NO MORE REGISTRATIONS

·      Grade 3 – Angela Grohovac and Beth Geras

·      Grade 4/5 – Susan Ledohowski and Kim Brownlee


Catechism Team:  Provide your children with a solid foundation in Catholic education, and prepare them for receiving their Sacraments. We will strive to build a community and understanding of our Catholic faith.

Students:  Attend classes and events and participate fully in all activities.

Parents :  Support the Team and their child/children throughout the       Catechism Journey.

More info:

If your child/children are going to be absent for class due to illness or vacation please email the Instructor in advance.

Parents are welcome to join the classes.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you and your children on their Catechism Journey.

If you have any questions or wish to get more information, please contact our team at:




Our Catechism Journey Team


If you are interested in helping the team, please click on link below for a paper copy of the Diocese Volunteer Application and Covenant of Care Forms that you can print off, complete and bring to the parish office (in person).  Once this is done, you will be given a link and access code that you will require when submitting an online request.  All Criminal Record Checks are now now completed on line.

Volunteer Application Form

Covenant of Care Form